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    Hands-On Legal Expertise for Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury Victims

    My practice is structured differently. I work directly with you, while my team and I resolve your worker’s comp or personal injury cases. Mine is a very hands-on practice. And I think you’ll find it makes all the difference.

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    Our Experience Is Your Best Offense

    Stress will lighten. You’ll gain confidence. And you’ll realize you’re in the best possible hands as we work through your case.

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  • Delay. Deny. Frustrate… And Other Cruel Insurance Company Tactics.

    The insurance company representatives are experts at convincing you that you are wrong. Don’t fall for it. Not for a second.

You Matter.

When you’re injured at the hands of another person, or something has gone horribly wrong on the job, you suddenly realize just how vulnerable you are. You’re in pain. Your employer doesn’t care. The insurance company certainly doesn’t care. And you feel very alone. I can assure you, you’re not.

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Personal Injury.

The insurance adjuster usually tries contacting you within 24 hrs. of the accident for one simple reason: your body usually doesn’t realize how hurt it is. You’re not fully experiencing the pain. So they’ll offer you a quick lowball check to settle. Please think twice before accepting it.

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Worker’s Comp Injury.

Perhaps the scariest thing about getting hurt on the job, aside from your body being injured and in pain, is the fear. “Am I going to lose my job?” “My house?” “Will my body ever be back to normal?” “I can’t pay my medical bills, now what do I do?” Take a breath and call me.

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